Better CPaaS = Bring Your Own Carrier

Mark Speer

A Communications Platform as a Service, or CPaaS, is excellent for businesses that wish to offer enhanced, unified communications, such as those with call and contact centers. CPaaS programs from companies such as Twilio and Plivo don’t just optimize the customer experience, but also employee productivity and satisfaction. What they’re not, however, are telecom carriers. This functionality is typically outsourced to any combination of unknown carriers, resulting in higher costs—especially as you scale—and less than ideal service and support.

Andy Constantino, Sales Engineer

Andy Constantino, Commio Engineer

Fortunately, software in the cloud and VoIP in particular make it easy to simply “plug in” your carrier of choice to your CPaaS, a.k.a. “Bring Your Own Carrier,” or BYOC. Join Andy Constantino, Commio engineer, for this fast and friendly overview of the advantages, including:

  • Better call quality and delivery with intelligent call routing, for happier customers
  • Quick and easy access to new a wider array of phone numbers / DIDs
  • Direct visibility into your calls and control over call routing
  • 24/7 expert customer support—by phone, not email
  • And all of this with substantial savings

Yes, you can have the carrier of your choice plus all the capabilities of a CPaaS—watch now for details!

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Date posted: July 13, 2023

Topic: CPaaS   Outbound Voice   Software as a Service (SaaS)   Voice API  

Tags: bring your own carrier   BYOC   Twilio bring your own carrier  

Mark Speer

As VP of Product Management & Carrier Relations, Mark ensures that thinQ’s products deliver maximum value and efficiency across a wide variety of implementations. When he’s not working with our carriers to make sure calls complete, he enjoys classic cars, traveling, artwork and exploring the desert southwest. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and family in Tucson, Arizona where they reside.

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