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Tim McLain

Cloud Communications Industry Briefing

October marks the 20th Annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and with good reason—in telecommunications alone, with billions of fraudulent calls and text messages sent every year, cybersecurity is a critical part of everything we do. And, it’s a major focal point for both the FCC and carriers, in the form of increasing industry compliance.

But what do cybersecurity and compliance mean for you in particular?

Watch now as Commio Co-Founder and Chief Architect Mike Tindall plus VP of Customer Retention & Growth Scott Navratil outline everything you need to do to keep your platform, your communications, and your business safe from bad actors.

The discussion covers both voice and messaging for users and providers, including:

  • Empowering your team in the digital age
  • STIR/SHAKEN, the Robocall Mitigation Database, and call compliance
  • Dialing best practices, and what to do if you’re coming up SPAM anyway
  • Understanding and combatting toll fraud
  • The three types of A2P messaging and how compliance varies
  • The 10DLC compliance checklist—that also applies to short code and toll-free!
  • What to look for in a provider (and conversely for providers: Know Your Customer
  • Cybersecurity basics and the top four tips for compliance

VoIP and texting have transformed the way we communicate with our customers. Watch now to protect your customer experiences! And, download our new “Essential Guide to Cloud Communications Compliance & Cybersecurity” for additional details.

Commio’s monthly Industry Briefings tap seasoned telecom experts to review the hottest topics around voice and text messaging in the cloud, helping you stay current on everything you need to know to power better customer experiences with smart, reliable omnichannel communications—while respecting your busy schedule.

Date posted: September 27, 2023

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