Video: Cloud Communications Industry Briefing – August 2022

Tim McLain

 Watch this month’s industry briefing, where our experts offer hands-on tips for dealing with the assorted issues around managing communications to ensure legal compliance, ease administration, and optimize customer experiences. 

Commio’s CTO Evin Hunt, Messaging SVP Brian Ford, and Director of Customer Success Katie Reddick discuss:

  • 3 things every cloud communication pro needs to know (hint: one will help you sleep better at night AND improve your bottom line!)
  • How your messaging provider can help you be compliant with SMS/MMS rules and regulations to deliver more messages, faster
  • The value of a flexible billing system in helping you track, manage, and grow your communications

Our Industry Briefing series taps a variety of seasoned telecom experts to cover the hottest topics around voice and text messaging in the cloud. These conversations are designed to keep you current on everything you need to know for better customer experiences with smart, reliable omnichannel communications – while respecting your busy schedule. We do mean brief; we aim to keep every briefing to ~30 minutes.

Register now for our September briefing, and bring us your questions! If we can’t address your question there, we’ll be sure to send you the answer. Busy on September 16th? Register and we’ll send you the recording.

Date posted: August 10, 2022

Topic: 10DLC Long Code   APIs   CPaaS   Inbound   Inbound Voice   International   Messaging   Messaging API   Outbound   Outbound Voice   SaaS   Short Code   Software as a Service (SaaS)   Toll-Free   Toll-Free   Toll-Free Texting   UCaaS   Voice API  

Tags: Intelligent Call Routing   Least Cost Routing   MMS   SIP Trunking   SMS   VoIP  

Tim McLain

A passionate technologist at heart with more than 25 years of marketing experience, Tim loves using technology to help businesses solve problems and grow their bottom line. Tim is happiest brainstorming new approaches to marketing and communications to help Commio's partners better understand, trust, and embrace our cloud communications solutions. In his spare time, he loves shooting and editing video, riding long distances on North Carolina’s amazing bike trails, and enjoying the darkest craft beer he can find.

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