What Do Text Notification Platforms Need to Look for in an Ideal SMS/MMS Provider?

Scott Navratil

One out of every four internet users today only shop and access the internet via their mobile devices. Like most smartphone users, they spend hours every day glued to their tiny screens, seeking out brands and exposing themselves to a variety of paid and organic media.

More and more businesses are turning to SMS marketing, and in order to continue offering your clients the flexible, cost-effective text message marketing that they expect, you need the right SMS/MMS service provider.

For text notification applications, delivering a fast, seamless experience at a low cost can be a challenge. While there is a variety of free SMS APIs available on the market today, many of these are restrictive to scaling operations and don’t offer functionality beyond the basics.

For more effective use of text notifications, SaaS companies need to choose the right SMS/MMS provider. These are a few things to look for when making your choice.


One of the biggest challenges facing text notification SaaS companies is the ability to easily scale their operations.

Free SMS APIs are limited in their ability to increase volume. When your customers are ready to increase the number of messages they’re sending or grow their client list, you may face delays or other challenges to this growth.

The right SMS provider will make it simple and seamless to increase the volume of messages without having to pause messaging while you wait for updates or upgrade your software.

Cost Savings

Scaling your own operations so that you can pass on this capability to your customers can be costly.

With many SMS providers, increasing the volume of SMS means that the low initial cost of their service will suddenly skyrocket. This can make it very difficult to scale operations without having to pass on price increases to your customers.

When choosing an SMS provider, look for those that allow you to increase your operations without drastically increasing your costs, including the use of 10DLC toll-free numbers to scale transmissions across multiple numbers, hosted SMS, and more. Finding the right partner to power scale and savings will allow you to pass the savings on to your own customers so that you can continue providing them with the affordable, effective service that they have come to expect.

Control and Flexibility

Your customers want to be able to customize their use of text notifications at every step. From scheduling messages to creating unique giveaway texts and more, the ability to maintain control over their SMS marketing is important. 

The right SMS provider will allow you to keep full control over your communications so that you can offer the same option to your customers. It will also allow for flexibility to adapt the volume, design, and other aspects of an SMS marketing campaign to fit each client’s unique wants and needs.

Choosing the Right SMS Provider

For text notification applications, choosing the right SMS provider is key to being able to scale your operations and increase your control and flexibility without facing high costs. The wrong provider will restrict your ability to grow you and your clients’ marketing and sales efforts, customize their approach, or continue to offer a cost-effective method for reaching their own customers and end-users.

With thinQ, you get the transparency, cost-effectiveness, and ability to scale that set you up for future growth of any text notification application. Contact us today to see a demo.

Date posted: June 12, 2021

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