Video: Telecom Wise Guys – January, 2023

Scott Navratil

Welcome to 2023 – are you ready?! If your business is like most, you want to optimize your communications. You’re always looking to improve customer experience, while saving money and ensuring that your systems are well supported. The challenge is that voice and messaging options keep evolving, along with the jargon. 

Fortunately, Commio’s telecom wise guys are here to answer any and every question someone might have! January’s expert wise guy was Senior VP of Messaging Brian Ford, addressing: 

  • My messaging campaigns keep getting rejected; what issues do you see?
  • How can I build my opt-in list quickly? Is it okay to add all our customers?
  • Which do you recommend: long code, short code, or toll-free? What are the dis/advantages?
  • We have a call center; how would you suggest adding messaging for a more omnichannel approach?
  • How easy is it to get new numbers – for messaging or voice? Is hosted messaging good for jump starting a messaging program?
  • Are the rules different for political voice and messaging campaigns?

Have some cloud communications questions of your own? Register now for our February 7 Wise Guys webinar featuring Katie Reddick, our Director of Customer Success. In addition to answering your questions, she’ll do a “best of” with the questions her team hears the most!

Join us each month to ask the “wise guy” – a seasoned telecom expert with deep experience in particular aspects of the field. No agenda, no sales pitch, just you, the expert, and your questions answered.

Date posted: January 4, 2023

Topic: 10DLC Long Code   CPaaS   Messaging   Short Code   Toll-Free Texting  

Tags: Hosted Messaging   MMS   SMS  

Scott Navratil

Scott, a member of our Commio team, has held executive management positions at several top IP communications companies and was named one of Colorado Business Magazine’s most powerful salespeople. He is a regular speaker at national telecom events. Scott holds a B.A. in Meteorology from the University of Northern Colorado. Scott primarily enjoys spending time with his family in Colorado and also enjoys skiing, snowboarding, racing motorcycles, and astronomy.

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