Our cloud platform and APIs make it easy to add voice and messaging capacity today. Our experts are standing by to assist you.

Deliver Reliable Communications to Staff & Patients

Get a multiple-carrier solution that adds critical capacity, saves money, simplifies your voice needs, and enhances your communication potential with our cloud-based platform and APIs.

Our text and multimedia messaging solutions for developers give patients the modern experience they want with long SMS/MMS support, group messaging, and more.

Gain complete control of your IT communications with a solution that gives you live support, granular call analytics, dynamic failover, and more.

Ensure Better Healthcare Communications

“Our team has heard from a number of North American partners who are taking advantage of our technology to route additional calls across 40 high-quality carriers to meet increased capacity needs for patient reminders, virtual meetings and teleconferencing. They’re able to instantly increase their calls per second (CPS) and deliver more traffic.” Aaron Leon, Commio CEO 

In the healthcare industry, it’s essential to deliver the service experience that your patients expect and protect their privacy (HIPPA compliance). It’s important to avoid unnecessary downtime and ensure quality, secure communication that will leave them satisfied with their interactions with you. At Commio, we’ll ensure better voice and messaging in the cloud.

Our cloud-based communications platform is customizable, scalable, and intuitive. We’ll enhance your outbound and inbound communications.

Commio’s services are tailored to your specific needs in the healthcare industry and can help improve your communication with patients with features like caller ID and increased calls and SMS/MMS per second to reduce call wait and patient notification times.

Empower Your Telemedicine Solutions With Commio

Phone Numbers

Order all the phone numbers you need, integrate caller ID, and get accurate routing to ensure you deliver the best service for your patients.

Call Routing

Create a customized communications solution that meets your staff and patients’ needs and allows you to control your call routing efficiently so you save 50% or more on every call.


Empower your institution with SMS/MMS messaging that creates better patient experiences and allows you to communicate like a modern organization.

Toll-Free Voice

Save money and ensure patient satisfaction with our cost-effective solution that allows you to purchase, port, and manage toll-free numbers.

Voice APIs

Increase and route multiple calls per second to ensure patients aren’t left waiting. Benefit from caller ID, disaster recovery, and more.

Hospital Saves 50% With Commio

Mark Grigsby is in his 35th year of designing and managing telecommunications installations. As Operations Manager at Vobis Software in Coos Bay, Oregon, he’s adept at bringing modern software and cloud tools to bear on telephony projects.

“We cut Lower Umpqua Hospital District’s bill by more than 50% after replacing their system with SIP trunking and adding Commio,” Mark said. “You’re a significant part of their daily operational savings… You guys negotiate with carriers every day. You give me the ability to pick and choose who’s upstream, so I always get the best pricing, flexibility for routing, and redundancy.”

World-Class Support Team

From onboarding to troubleshooting, our team of thinkers has the skill and expertise to help with any need.

We’re Dedicated to Redundancy, Savings & Scale

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