VoIP Termination Providers

Get the savings you deserve and the flexibility you need to deliver quality voice service to your clients.

Improve Communication With Wholesale Termination Solutions

Customize your wholesale VoIP solutions for better call quality, customer satisfaction, and competitive rates.

Your partners save time and money when you move them from unreliable and costly origination and termination services to Commio.

Enhance outbound and inbound communications instantly with the help of our innovative platform and 40+ carrier network.

Benefits of Customized Cloud Solutions

At Commio, we have first-to-market technologies that leverage the power of the cloud to deliver the telecommunications tools you need. Our cloud-based communications platform and APIs are intuitive, scalable, and customizable. And because we want to ensure providers like you have the tools to communicate better and more efficiently, we’ve spent more than a decade years perfecting our cloud technology.

Unlike other service providers, our high-quality solutions include innovative technology such as easy port-in of your phone numbers, messaging (SMS/MMS), voice APIs, and a Toll-Free LCR engine. As a VoIP provider, you’ll be able to enable your partners and their customers to communicate at their best.

Powerful Tools for Wholesale VoIP Termination Providers

DID Origination

Enhance your communication potential with easy number port-in, dynamic voice and messaging features that meet your unique business needs.

Call Routing

Get automated savings, live support, and granular call data and analytics for your outbound voice traffic.

Toll-Free Voice

Use the most advanced toll-free voice technology to order, manage, and route toll-free numbers. Our cloud-based technology can help VoIP termination providers enhance their toll-free communications.


Use the power of text and multimedia solutions to text-enable your phone numbers.

Voice APIs

Improve voice performance and reduce calling costs with a few lines of code. With voice API integration, you won’t have to sacrifice functionality.

Location Routing Number (LRN)

Use the cloud to get Caller ID (CNAM) and Location Routing Number (LRN) solutions.

VoIP Provider Delivers Quality Calls & Saves

Jeff Crews is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Eastern Oregon Net, Inc. (EONI). His company provides voice service to homes and businesses, as well as operating its own toll-free support line.

“Now I can go in and have total control over where the calls are going, so no more downtime. I knew Commio was the answer to reducing costs and address all of our carrier issues simultaneously.”

World-Class Support Team

From onboarding to troubleshooting, our team of thinkers has the skill and expertise to help with any need.

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