Caller ID (CNAM) Lookup

With Commio CNAM Lookup, get the most reliable caller ID information available to deliver more calls, faster.

How Does Caller ID Lookup (CNAM) Work?

When a person receives a call, their voice provider checks a CNAM Lookup database (known as a dip) to look up the current caller ID info of the person dialing them. Each lookup costs money, which is why many carriers used to charge a monthly fee for Caller ID. In addition, many providers refresh their CNAM Lookup databases once a month. This saves them money, but also reduces the currency of the data provided. With so many numbers being ported daily, it’s easy for bad data to creep into your calls.

Commio’s carrier-grade CNAM Lookup is caller ID made simple. Our CNAM solution prevents telemarketers and scammers from masking their phone numbers’ true identities, and you get the most reliable caller ID information available.

We provide live data (refreshed every week) so our customers can leverage our database tool to implement superior caller ID name (CNAM) lookup using our innovative, cloud-based platform – We also offer an API that acts as a query service for our customers to input a phone number and return the caller ID.

Our cloud-based, carrier-grade CNAM lookup solution makes your life easier. Here’s how we simplify caller ID for your business:

  • Accuracy: Receive the most current and reliable caller ID name information (refreshed weekly) in TXT, JSON, and XML format via our REST API interface.
  • Transparency: Prevent telemarketers and scammers from masking their identities by cross-referencing the name field with our caller ID name database.
  • Savings: Get the caller ID services you need with industry-leading query fees. Save money and deliver the best data possible. 

CNAM Integration In or Out of Apps & Phone Systems

With Commio’s innovative cloud-based solution, you can easily integrate CNAM lookup both for incoming calls as well as outbound from your application or phone system. For carrier-grade CNAM lookup, all you have to do is add our REST API into your code, and we will return your caller ID data immediately in the format you choose.

Get started with our CNAM API documentation.

How CNAM Lookup Benefits You

CNAM, or caller ID name, is the name that is displayed when you call someone. When you purchase or port a phone number, you can register this information with your phone service provider so that your name appears in the caller ID along with your number.

Most voice providers transmit calls over a SS7 network, which allows carriers to interconnect to send and receive calls and text messages. When a call is made, information about the caller’s phone number is transmitted via this network. In order to also transmit the caller’s name, the receiving carrier “dips” into a line information database known as a CNAM Lookup.

With CNAM lookup, you know the calling party’s name before you even pick up the phone. Other benefits of Commio’s CNAM services include:

  • See caller ID name information instantly and avoid scammers and telemarketers from taking up your employees’ valuable time.
  • Keep your incoming call lines open for calls from customers needing to connect with you for service.
  • Maximize the productivity and efficiency of your employees with carrier-grade caller ID.

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