A2P SMS/MMS Provider

Commio is the A2P SMS/MMS provider that gives you better deliverability, code app-to-person (A2P) text messaging functionality fast via API.

An A2P SMS/MMS Provider With a Truly Easy-To-Use API

Application-to-person (A2P) text messaging is a strong alternative to short codes. If your business needs the ability to code A2P SMS/MMS messaging functionality, Commio’s easy-to-use API is a solution that developers can easily incorporate into their business apps.

Your customers are accustomed to – and in many cases prefer over other channels – text messaging. As an A2P text messaging provider, Commio’s simple API allows your business to send a high volume of messages to customers to which customers aren’t expected to reply. With us as your A2P messaging provider, you’ll get:


  • More functionality at lower cost. You’ll be able to send and deliver a large number of messages in a timely manner, without incurring extra surcharges from carriers.
  • Seamless communication. Your business applications will seamlessly initiate communication so that users can receive messages instantly on their phones.
  • Inbound URL for responses. You can set up an inbound URL so that responses to A2P messages all end up in the same place.
  • SMS gateway support. Send and receive SMS/MMS notifications and messages from your computers.

Easily Send text Messages From Any Application

Commio is an A2P SMS/MMS provider that enables your business to deliver alerts, reminders, and even marketing messages through any application to your customers. With our easy-to-use messaging API, developers can easily incorporate SMS/MMS messaging into business apps, giving you the ability to contact your customers in the way they prefer with zero delay.

A2P Text Messaging Services for a Variety of Use Cases

Businesses need A2P SMS/MMS messaging for a number of reasons. Commio is the A2P SMS/MMS provider you need if you:

  • Need a way to send marketing notifications that get results with maximum deliverability
  • Deliver important alerts to your customers via a channel they read in a timely manner, like booking confirmations
  • Looking to support the security or safety of your customer base, as with financial institutions needing to deliver fraud alerts
  • Want to reliably deliver two-factor authentication (2FA) messages to customers
  • Need to deliver appointment reminders or other time-sensitive notifications

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