SMS/MMS-Enabled Phone Numbers

Your customers have the power to send and receive messages with Commio’s SMS/MMS-Enabled Phone Numbers (DIDs).

Add Texting Functionality with SMS/MMS-Enabled Numbers

Text messaging is the fastest-growing communication channel in the world. More and more companies are engaging with their customers instantly and effectively via SMS/MMS messaging on mobile devices. With Commio SMS/MMS-enabled DIDs, you can add texting functionality to your local or toll-free phone numbers and allow your customers to stay in touch via the means they prefer – their mobile phone.

SMS/MMS-enabled DIDs allow you to utilize text messaging on any landline phone number. With Commio’s innovative platform, you can offer messaging services via APIs or whatever configurations you prefer. Commio’s platform allows providers the option to use toll-free phone numbers. The best part? There isn’t a limit to the number of messages that can be sent with toll-free. Unlimited SMS (and MMS) messaging means better ease of communication and an improved experience for both you and your customers.

The SMS/MMS Features You Need

With Commio SMS/MMS-enabled DIDs, you can communicate like a modern business should, via the means your customers prefer: through text or multimedia messages. Text messages from your landline will reach your customers’ mobile devices, smartphones and tablets instantly.

Features of the messaging service include pictures, video, and audio, emojis/unicode support, group and bulk messaging, long SMS/MMS support, plus detailed usage statistics.

Revolutionizing the Way You Do Business

With the majority of the workforce utilizing mobile devices to perform their job functions, text messaging is now fully integrated into the way companies communicate. Likewise, customers prefer communication via text messaging, making it desirable for businesses to have the ability to communicate by that means, even via landline.

SMS/MMS-enabled DIDs allow you to send and receive messages on both landlines and mobile networks, utilize local DIDs to forward inbound SMS/MMS to email addresses or phone numbers, receive inbound and send outbound text messages on all your phone numbers, and create better customer experiences with text and multimedia messaging.

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