Toll-Free SMS & MMS messaging

Introduce your customers and end-users to a new era of high-capacity communications with toll-free SMS and MMS.

A Better Customer Experience with Toll-Free Texting

An increasing number of businesses are embracing mobile and communicating with customers in real-time via text messaging applications. With Commio toll-free SMS and MMS, you can add texting functionality to your toll-free numbers (DIDs) and stay in touch with your customers and users via the means they prefer: directly to their mobile phones. Power better customer engagement today with toll-free texting.

With Commio toll-free SMS/MMS, you can offer text messaging through toll-free numbers (DIDs) via our simple messaging APIs or any other configuration that works for your business. Toll-free SMS and MMS messaging gives you a better user experience with robust features, including:

  • Pictures, video, and audio
  • Emojis/Unicode support
  • Group messaging
  • Bulk SMS messaging
  • Long SMS support
  • Embed number ordering
  • Detailed usage statistics
  • Support for message body and header
  • A2P SMS/MMS gateway API support, for messaging from business computers

Integrate SMS & MMS Into Your Communications

Your customers are used to text messaging as a primary means of communication. With Commio toll-free SMS and MMS, you have the ability to use toll-free numbers to send text messages. Direct, real-time communication with your customers gives them a better user experience and simplifies customer communication on your end.

For businesses with a higher outbound SMS/MMS volume, our solution doesn’t limit the number of text messages you can send with toll-free. Reach out to your customers when you need to in the way they want to be reached: via text!

An Easier Way to Reach Customers & End-Users

Need an easier way to engage in customer communications? Toll-free SMS/MMS allows you to contact your customers and end-users via the means they’re most comfortable with: text messages directly to their mobile phones and tablets. Customer engagement becomes simple for businesses and the customer experience improves across a variety of industries.

  • Retail companies can easily send shipping or delivery notifications to customers
  • Send appointment reminders in real-time
  • Allow customers to modify or schedule appointments without having to speak to a customer support representative
  • Healthcare organizations can send refill or other reminders to customers in a timely manner
  • Financial services institutions can engage in secure communication with customers in real-time
  • Power security notifications, in-stock alerts, and more

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