Intelligent Call Routing Solution

Innovative, cloud-based intelligent call routing (ICR) to help your SaaS platform or high-volume 800 contact center run better.

Multiple Vendors, Better Service, More Choices

Are you using a single carrier for your voice needs? You might be holding yourself back from being cost-competitive. Commio offers one marketplace where every carrier is normalized in the cloud, yielding the best possible calling rates with built-in disaster recovery.

With Commio, you can rest assured that your routing works. We’re perfect for anyone looking for:

  • Better quality and lower costs from multiple vendors
  • 40 layers of redundancy built into your contact center so you never miss a call
  • A robust network with better service and disaster recovery

Take Advantage of Multiple Carriers with Our Solutions

At Commio, we can help enhance your existing Twilio, Nexmo, or Plivo installation. By adding our intelligent call routing (LCR) solutions into your API with a few lines of code, you’ll see an instant advantage that will enrich your apps and improve your voice and messaging services.

As a communications API provider with 40+ carriers and built-in redundancy, you’ll have the support and the services you need to scale your apps faster by having endless access to messaging and procurement of telephony services. At Commio, we can support you regardless of what platform you work in and will help route call and messaging fast.

While using our CPaaS solutions can offer numerous benefits, it can also pave the way for your business to gain access to additional solutions from Commio. From toll-free voice to call routing to local voice to messaging and database solutions, we can help you enhance your business communications in an efficient and convenient manner.

Benefit From a Flexible & Scalable CPaaS

With Commio’s efficient and innovative CPaaS solution, you’ll get an API service that is easy to use, allows you to scale freely without constraints, and offers major cost savings. Using Commio will guarantee an instantaneous cost advantage over your competition. In fact, using Twilio and Commio together delivers 55% in cost savings or more.

Additional benefits you’ll see with Commio include:

  • Flexible APIs to code into your software
  • Access to a multi-provider solution with route flexibility
  • Disaster recovery so downtime is minimized

We’re Dedicated to Redundancy, Savings & Scale

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