SMS Messaging Campaign Compliance Checklist

Brian Ford

Text messaging is still the fastest, most reliable way to communicate with customers and know that they read it. But if your long code (10DLC) messaging campaigns are among the 80%+ currently being rejected by the carriers’ new manual vetting process, chances are you’re frustrated by the added time, money – and unhappy customers.

Fortunately, most of the carrier complaints can be remedied by getting back to messaging rules and fundamentals. Download our handy checklist shown below to ensure that your campaigns meet all the criteria for approval the first time, every time. (Pro tip: these best practices are critical to long code campaign approvals, but also good advice for your short code and toll-free campaigns.)

Still have questions? Watch our latest compliance training video or contact our experts for a no-obligation consultation.

Text Messaging Campaign Registration Checklist

Date posted: September 20, 2022

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Brian Ford

Brian Ford is a highly-skilled IT professional with years of experience in Telecommunications, Voice over IP (VoIP), and sales support. He enjoys being at the forefront of technology to help customers meet their objectives, and is driven by his ability to work alongside all levels within an organization to develop solutions that satisfy both the business and the customer needs. When Brian isn’t working to optimize messaging for Commio customers, he can be found pursuing his passions for real estate and as a gourmet chef. He lives near Denver, Colorado with two dogs he adores.

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